professional jewelley - jewelry art school in Firenze, Italy
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The Professional Jewellery School Perseo, conceived and founded in 1998 by Fabio Sieni and Massimo Campaioli, organises and runs training, specialisationand refresher courses on themes and subjects relating to jewellery and goldsmithery.

The school has its premises in Florence, a city that has always been identified with art. The home of artists and craftsmen who have made it famous throughout the world. The teaching method, tested and refined since 1998, allows excellent results to be achieved in relatively short periods.

All the courses are designed to guarantee everyone adequate training for their needs, with many hours of lessons, all conducted by well-qualified teachers (craftsmen, artists, designers and professionals). The school is promoter of the Prize annual 'Perseo School'.

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Perseo - Professional Jewelley Art School in Firenze, Italy - Via de' Rustici, 10 - 50122 Florence - Ph./Fax +39 055 284996