Scuola Gioelleria Perseo Firenze
Jewellery Open Works Course at the school Perseo Florence

Jewellery Open Works Course at “PERSEO “ School FlorenceThe refinement of the jeweller's shop what for centuries makes famous Florence in the world, it is finally matter of a Scholastic Course: the Florentine (Fiorentino) style of the Jewellery Open Work.

Jewellery Open Works Course at “PERSEO “ School Florence Simple and elaborate drawings, they take form under the wise hands of artisan experts.

Jewellery Open Work like to nest of bee, adorned Fiorentino, realization of jewels in classical style but them always extremely carry out them, they are the matters of the Course of Jewellery Open Work.

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Via dei Rustici, n° 10 50122 Firenze
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