Scuola Gioelleria Perseo Firenze
Jewellery Course at PERSEO School of Florence

Jewellery Course at “Perseo” School FlorenceThis course is directed to the making of high quality objects. Four teachers has thought and put into action this course . The course includes different ways of Gold - smithing.

The first, begins with basis-teaching the students, with simply made objects-how to get accuainted with the tools and various material, and how to handle the different gems and metals.

Jewellery Course at “Perseo” School FlorenceThe second, begins with teaching how to give shapes to the metal plates and wires, and how to make modern objects with mobile elements, and parts made with metal embossement technique.

The third, is a more classical teaching, usig techniques like: Open-working (boring), Florentine style and elements constructed with metal wires. All of these notions are brought to sight of the student by rotating lessons between those teachers, in a way that he gets a complete and secure grip of the subject .

This course also includes Design lessons and also Wax-working lessons.

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