Scuola Gioelleria Perseo Firenze
Gemology Course at Perseo School in Florence

Gemology Course “Perseo” School FlorenceFirst and only Jeweller's shop School in Italy opens Un laboratory equipped perfectly with professional level tools.

First and only Jeweller's shop School in Italy opens UnKept from a qualified and expert teacher, the Corso di Gemmologia (Gemology Course) is the best opportunity to have an adequate road to be followed for dealers, shopkeepers and artisans who have what to do, for their profession with the Gemme.

Gemology Course “Perseo” School FlorenceKept in the Analysis laboratory, at the school itself, the course is to gauge according to the demands of the students.

Dr. Benedetta Bini
Conferred a degree In Trained Geology I.G.I.
Teacher In private schools and for Public Corporations
(Tuscan area, province of Pisa, C.N.A). (of Leghorn and Volterra).

COURSES: Specific for the various kinds of Gemme.

On demand: Short courses aimed at the demands of the students.
Widenings with lessons always more suitable for the dealers and for the shopkeepers for the recognition of the Gemme.

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